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Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Looking for help is a sign of strength and courage. Welcome to West Coast Treatment Center. We are glad you made it here.

This world throws emotional issues at us, sometimes daily. Stress and anxiety are a part of everyday life for most people. When you answer those stressors with drugs and alcohol, you only bury your problems.

There are no real solutions in a pill, or at the bottom of a bottle. But there are solutions. There is a better life out there waiting for you. We would love to help you find it.

At West Coast Treatment Center, we recognize each patient entrusted into our care as an individual, with his or her own sets of challenges to sobriety. Treating each person with a unique plan is paramount to delivering the best possible patient care.

Substance Abuse Treatment

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a substance abuse problem by yourself. Except maybe dealing with a busy clinic-based program that doesn’t understand what you’re going through. Busy clinics often don’t have the time required for the therapist to truly get to know you and understand your specific needs.

At West Coast Treatment Center, we treat every patient as an individual, and we work with one patient at a time to guide them to a new life in recovery. If you are seeking a meaningful long-term recovery, personalized treatment improves your odds greatly. Our drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you every step of the way on your road to recovery.

We specialize in many areas, such as addiction counseling, dual-diagnosis treatment, substance detoxification, dialectical behavior therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, and relapse prevention. Get to know us. We hope we can get to know you.

We operate treatment facilities and are associated with affiliated treatment centers. We may refer a client to one of these entities if the treatment needs and payment abilities match the treatment offerings at these facilities. The client is free to decide to seek treatment at another facility. We may recommend another treatment center not affiliated to West Coast Treatment Center to a client, based on their individual needs.

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