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Choosing treatment for Loved One

At West Coast Treatment Center, our Family Services Department provide one of a kind service that makes our program very unique when compared with other programs. Our Team of professionals educate, empower, and support our families throughout their loved one’s treatment. We offer support and education to our families in which they gain valuable knowledge and insight regarding their loved one’s treatment needs and their roles in their recovery. Our family services program offer an intake session as well as support throughout their treatment and comprehensive discharge services. These sessions are provided via phone or skype. Families also receive support calls throughout their loves one’s treatment and are always updated with their progress in treatment.

On the first day after intake and admission, our families are notified of their loved one’s arrival for treatment. They will then have a 14 days session, and a discharge sessions. Support sessions are offered throughout your loved one’s treatment. From the time of intake, at discharge and beyond; families will receive the one-to-one support they need to maintain healthy relationships during and after treatment.