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West Coast Treatment Center
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 21 reviews
by waylon g on West Coast Treatment Center
My experience

My experience overall was ok. The tech staff are very genuine and understanding. My individual therapist was great. The housing and living space was really nice. They brought us out a few times and had a really cool trip to the beach.

by thomas burke on West Coast Treatment Center
Give yourself a break

I made the best decision of my life when I called wellness counseling.

So far I am feeling good in my post treatment, the experience has help me in a profound way. I would definitely recommend Mountainside to anyone that may need help in there recovery.

Tommy Burke
Stayed July 13-August 20, 2016

by Timothy Bemis on West Coast Treatment Center
Living Life again.

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you Sydney, Travis, and Rachael,
Sure there were a few hiccups along the way but you never lost sight of what was important.
The life in front of you seeking help.
Now thanks to all at Wellness Counseling and West Coast treatment
I not only remember what i do daily, But I actually enjoy life again.
I am able to hold our daughter and remember doing it. "Something I don't ever remember doing before coming to Treatment."
I actually enjoy my days now spending time with our children and one on one time with my wife.
All with out having to wake up not knowing what i had done and reaching for the closest bottle.
Thank you for helping me to regain control of my life before I threw our families future away.
God Bless you all.

by Scott Sternberg on West Coast Treatment Center

March 31, 2016 Treatment Management organized my treatment with Wellness Vida Entera, the detox program and my treatment continued with West Coast Treatment Center. The three organizations saved my life. Treatment Mgmt planned my treatment efficiently. Wellness made for a painless detox. The facility was clean and the entire staff was helpful, polite and friendly. They always had plenty of food and activities. Most important the nurse/doctor staff never gave doubt to my health concerns. West Coast has a variety of great programs. Unknowingly at the time each program was a true benefit. I started other programs in the past but never completed any others. All the staff at West Coast cares and it showed everyday. If you or you know of someone who needs help, West Coast helped me. Thank you to everyone who helped me.

by kim on West Coast Treatment Center
celebrating a year in recovery

May 2015, I arrived at WCTC. I was determined to make that first day, the first day that was to begin the journey that would follow me for the rest of my life, a life of sobriety. This was my first rehab endeavor, and I was committed, that it would also be my last. I was ready. I knew my days of living in bondage, were done. No longer would I be a slave to opiates. After 28 days, I flew back home to Florida. With me, I took the tools provided by the staff at WCTC. This past year, there have been challenges and life style modifications. I was blessed with the opportunity to partake in the evolution of me, with a clear mind, body and soul. I have surrendered to my higher power and firmly believe that one's experiences in life prepares them to fulfill their quest as defined by their higher power. In the continuum of life, one hand touching another. One light igniting the light of another. The realization of the power of one to assist with the healing process. An ear, a word.....believing that what does not kill us, makes us stronger. Determination, Truth, Self Actualization. Recovery. And thus, I will pass the torch. Kim M.

by Michael Rubin on West Coast Treatment Center
By Far The Best

Michael Rubin

By far the best decision I have ever made. I was a little skeptical at first but I would like to first of all thank West Coast. I have battled addiction for years I have been in and out of treatment for the past 12 years. The longest I stayed sober was for 4 weeks prior to coming into West Coast. Today I am 5 months sober. From the Techs to the Physicians they all care about your sobriety and take it very serious. My therapist was phenomenal; she gave me a different perspective on life. If I would of never came to West Coast honestly I would not be here today. I continue to attend local meetings to main my sobriety. Thank you West Coast.

• • •

by Elton Begaye on West Coast Treatment Center
West Coast Treatment

Thanks to West Coast Treatment Center

by Anon on West Coast Treatment Center
Don't want to leave

This place is an amazing stepping stone to a life long journey. Patrick at Avenida is awesome as well as Andrea driving. Thank you for making my experience one I will never forget!

by James A.Green on West Coast Treatment Center

First and foremost ,Thank you!
I flew in to Ca. new years eve not knowing what to expect from this this place. I just new that I had it with my life and the the person that I had become, so had my family. After 7 days at a detox, I was released to the care of West Coast Treatment Center. From day1 I was treated with the most respect as I could have ever asked for. Sophia, my therapist was the most professional and caring person that I have ever worked with. THANK YOU!
I am 56 yrs old, just to let you no "OLD DOGS DO LEARN NEW TRICKS "lol!
If you are serious about wanting to get sober and start living a new life style beyond your wildest dreams, you will be welcomed with open arms.
This, I felt was my last chance. So if the bottle or drugs have beaten your ass like they have mine, please give them a shot, what u got to lose?
They will welcome you to my new "FAMILY" because That is who they are!
If you or any one reading reading this needs help with drugs or alcohol please get help, just do it. if not here any where.
Thanks, your friend James.

by William on West Coast Treatment Center

West Coast Treatment Center saved my life! It's more than just being sober physically, but mentally learning to take on the challenges you had in the past but in a new manner. No matter what disrupts your path to success, making sure you are mentally clean is just as important as physically clean. Daily stresses will be there and no rehabilitation will be perfect. However, flying the whole way to southern California made it as close as possible. You learn to deal with your daily battles in a way without drugs and alcohol. Program Manager AMY was the greatest part of my success. She always believed in me and had me staying positive when I thought it was possible. I went from being a pessimist and constantly being anxious to becoming an optimist and performing to my full potential. It changed me much more than I ever could have imagined. Now I wake up every morning hungry for success and use my determination and strength to take on any obstacles thrown in my way. "the body achieves what the mind believes."

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