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Treatment Programs

West Coast Treatment Center can stand out among the many other drug and alcohol treatment centers because we strive to go beyond basic therapy strategies.

Our approach to recovery can best be described as realizing that each client in our care is an individual with his or her own set of issues regarding sobriety. Unlike large, hospital-like institutions, we offer a comfortable and intimate setting—and we have a good reason for doing so.

We treat each client as an individual, believing that this is paramount to delivering the best possible patient care. A busy clinic-based program does not allow therapists to truly get to know each client and understand their specific needs. To best meet the needs of each client we treat, we offer a diverse program, placing an emphasis on both mind and body, and created to meet the individual’s situation. We work with one client at a time and guide them to a new life in recovery. Your new life is only a phone call away.

Call us today at 1-855-894-6399 to take that important first step towards a better life and to learn more about the specifics of our program.