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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

At West Coast Treatment Center, our primary objective is not only to heal those suffering from addiction and alcoholism, but to help them become stronger, more confident, and capable of resisting the urge to relapse. Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT is widely recognized as one of the most effective approaches to achieving therapeutic breakthroughs during an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment stay.

Engaging Our Patients in Their Own Recovery

One key reason Dialectical Behavior Therapy is so effective is that it directly involves the client in their own healing process. Rather than being a passive participant, the client actively participates in evaluating themselves and developing the solutions they will apply to the challenges they face. In Dialectical Behavior Therapy, the client-therapist relationship is an alliance rather than an adversarial relationship. This approach is proven to break down many of the common barriers to successful drug and alcohol treatment therapy by defusing defensiveness and denial.

Core Principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Mindfulness: Patients are guided into self-awareness and living in the present moment
  • Understanding: Patients learn to observe with objectivity and reserve judgment
  • Communication: Patients learn to describe their feelings and thoughts in a rational, rather than reactionary, fashion
  • Participation: Patients learn to focus on the task at hand and to become directly involved in their own therapy
  • Self-management: Patients learn to manage their emotions and express them appropriately rather than simply reacting to them

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an ideal match for the drug and alcohol treatment therapy environment because it directly addresses the personality traits which most often lead to dangerous impulse behavior, poor judgment, and relapse. By engaging the patient in the process of learning to manage their emotions, live in the moment, communicate calmly, and take responsibility for themselves, we empower the addict and alcoholic. Dialectical Behavior Therapy produces dramatic results both during and after treatment, by quickly breaking down barriers and getting the patient invested in their own recovery.