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Family Involvement

We recognize that the families and loved ones of an addict or alcoholic are affected by the results of addiction. Because family members are significant parts of most of our client’s lives, we strongly encourage them to be involved in their loved one’s treatment process and recovery. We offer education for families via our family liaison as well as family therapy sessions and pre-approved weekend visits. All visits must be arranged prior to arrival and approved by the client’s primary therapist.

Our family services are carefully designed to address the needs of the families and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics, providing them with the tools they need to initiate their own healing process and learn to provide healthy support for the recovering person without enabling or slipping into codependency. Because we feel family therapy is an indispensable tool in the healing process, these services are provided for all of our inpatient clients at no additional charge. If you are interested in this treatment, we would be happy to tell you more about our family resources. Please contact us at 1-855-894-6399 for more information.