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Group Therapy

The benefits of choosing group therapy are countless. When you are in group therapy, you are not alone. Other patients meeting with the therapist are coping with situations like yours, which can help you during your own recovery process. Group therapy also helps boost your self-esteem by reinforcing positive behavior and feedback.

Generally speaking, group therapy consists of a therapist and a few or more people. If group therapy seems too personal for those with high emotional walls and barriers, some therapy sessions consist of a smaller group of people.

At West Coast Treatment Center, we believe in providing our clients with the ideal balance of therapies to deliver the breakthroughs and realizations that are critical to overcoming addiction. These breakthroughs include understanding how one can trust and rely on other people who encounter the same challenges of addiction and reciprocating the kindness and understanding we receive from our peers.

By understanding how to recover together, the person trying to recover from addiction gets the feeling that they have support and understanding from other people like them as well as a responsibility to always be there to help someone else.

Different types of group therapy are available at West Coast Treatment Center. Call us today at 1-855-894-6399 to determine which type is best for you.