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Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling is a great way to pinpoint mental health conditions from anxiety and stress management to ADHD. By meeting with a therapist for individual therapy, you can find ways to improve many aspects of your life and mental well-being.

The Benefits of Individual Counseling

Our therapists have exceptional counseling skills, and they provide individual counseling to relieve patients from distress and negative thoughts. Your counselor provides supportive surroundings, to give you an open and confidential environment in which you can address any issues you are struggling with. There are many different psychological approaches, and our qualified therapists will take the time to offer individual counseling that suits your needs.

One individual counseling treatment we specialize in is inpatient therapy. This offers an ideal opportunity for someone dealing with addiction to begin working through their complicated feelings and thoughts, along with the effects of past trauma.

As memory and awareness returns, the client often finds that his or her emotional state is quite fragile. Individual counseling can often be the key to unlocking the damage brought on by past trauma and unresolved conflicts. West Coast Treatment Center offers individual counseling to all of our clients. We believe in the restorative benefits of intense one-on-one counseling, which challenges addicts and alcoholics to identify the thought processes and behaviors that have not served them well in the past and leads them to discover new methods of thinking and acting.

In the end, an individual’s dedication to self-improvement plays an important role in a successful recovery.

What Happens During Individual Counseling?

When you meet with your counselor, you can confidentially discuss your feelings, moods, and thoughts in an effort to find resolutions to the issues troubling you. The counselor will help you manage your mental struggles and will work with you to set goals and identify areas that need improvement.

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