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Relapse Prevention

At West Coast Treatment Center, we believe it is crucial that you learn, understand, and apply the concepts of relapse prevention. Recovery and rebuilding one’s life should always begin with a solid foundation.

Relapse tendencies are a normal, natural part of the recovery process. These tendencies must be honestly and openly dealt with. It is vital that we not only understand the nature of the disease but also learn to recognize our triggers, attitudes, and behaviors.

Understanding and Preventing Relapse

Our therapists are trained in preventing relapse through specialized techniques known as coping skills. Some of these skills include spending time with positive people, keeping busy, exercising, and sharing fears with friends. Learning to employ coping skills is just one of the many techniques used to prevent relapses.

Relapse prevention is critical because certain triggers can set off the addiction cycle again. The moment an early pattern is noticed, coping skills should be used as many who relapse can die or slip back into long-term drug use. Staying sober and maintaining your mental well-being is crucial in avoiding a relapse.

Relapse after recovery begins long before you take the first drink or drug. Relapse begins when you have a change in attitude and/or behavior. If we are to avoid the treacherous pitfall of relapse, we must identify the thoughts, people, places, and feelings that precede thoughts of taking a drink or a drug.

If you would like to learn more about how we use relapse prevention planning to ensure our clients’ continued success, call us at 1-855-894-6399. We will be happy to answer all your questions to help you understand relapses and prevent a relapse.